Ecolaft delivers solid and beautiful cabins in rod and loft with high quality craftsmanship. The lath knots are of the traditional, Norwegian type and very well executed. We have so far built three cabins in collaboration with Ecolaft without any problems. We experience the company as a quality-conscious and solution-oriented partner who strives to follow Norwegian laws and regulations and Norwegian standards. They have skilled and motivated workers who deliver solid and good craftsmanship.


/Kjetil Heitmann, Naturhytta AS (Norway)

 Ecolaft atsauksmes 3
 Ecolaft atsauksmes 5

When we decided to build a cabin, we wanted a supplier who could meet our own requirements for a solution and give us personal service and follow-up. After a thorough evaluation of several relevant companies, the choice fell on Ecolaft. Here we were met with competent and personal service that was very flexible in relation to our wishes when it came to the cabin’s architecture and solution. In fact, Ecolaft designed the cabin exactly to our wishes and delivered complete, very professional floor plans for both exterior and interior. When it came to material selection, color combinations and standards for floors, ceilings, windows, doors, etc., it was no problem to have the delivery adapted to our wishes. We had a good dialogue and continuous exchange of information throughout the construction and building process. We also made a visit to the factory to inspect the lafte building before it was dismantled and shipped to Norway. All in all, we are very pleased with Ecolaft as a supplier, and thought we had built our “dream cabin” with very good quality at a reasonable price. Therefore, we have no qualms about recommending Ecolaft to other cabin builders.

/Built in Nore and Uvdal municipality (Norway) for Rolf Pedersen


Ecolaft has built our timber cabin. Throughout the construction process, we have experienced good cooperation and the quality of materials and work has been of a high class. The cabin was delivered on time. They have carried out finishing work as soon as they were contacted. We are very pleased with the service and the result. It is a pleasure to give our recommendation of Ecolaft.

/Jan Olav from Sjusjoen (Norway)

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 Ecolaft atsauksmes 2

Thank you so much for a wonderful cottage! I got the feeling very early on from having made contact with a professional company with long experience in building high-quality log cabins. This impression was reinforced through the initial design phase where Ecolaft, in a very efficient way, made the adjustments we wanted based on their Fjellhytte basic model. The design period was timely according to contract and on the cottage site I was very impressed with Ecolaft’s very efficient and skilled work team. Thanks again for a fantastic collaboration that deserves only the best praise!

/Rolf from Selbu (Norway)


Building a cabin is often a big step to take for most people and for us it was a bit of an urgent decision when we got the opportunity to buy a fantastic plot on Storstøllie in Aurdalsåsen by Fagernes. Mainly designed the cabin himself and wanted a log cabin. After searching the web, we found different suppliers that we talked to but, landed on 3 different where two were from Latvia and one from Estonia. The price and flexibility of EcoLaft meant that we paid a visit to the factory and when we saw the commitment and quality of the craftsmanship of EcoLaft’s employees, it was not difficult to choose, and we have not regretted a day ago. We also paid a visit to cabins they had delivered in Norway earlier. Delivery time and the construction process went according to agreed time and changes along the way after dialogue with the construction manager were only

characterized by a “slight” cultural difference, but solvable when the will is present. About a year after completion, they visited and adjusted various piles and checked changes in wood, and that the management we have had contact with regularly when we have had questions. Our experience is therefore very positive and even a supplier who is relatively small is able to deliver with the quality that is expected of the big ones and that they also provide the flexibility that is often desired. Most people build a cabin for the first time and then it is not easy to get everything in the planning phase. Now we just enjoy this wonderful building.

/Jan S. at Storstøllie in Aurdalsåsen by Fagernes (Norway)

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 Ecolaft atsauksmes 

We were in contact with many suppliers early in the planning phase. We also received offers from one company, but we wanted competitive offers. We looked online and found Eco Laft who we contacted with our drawings and got offers that were definitely of interest. The process of drawings and adaptations went very smoothly. The contract process due to different legislation in the two countries was finally resolved in a good way, We were equally “good” in English both parties so we eventually got very good contact and with mutual understanding this exceeded all expectations. We were very impressed with the progress and Eco Laft delivered the building finished approx. 14 days before the completion date after the contract. The service after completion has been impressive. Eco Laft has good and pleasant craftsmen who do a very good job. They arrive on time and deliver. It is a bit special with log cabins where there are almost continuous adjustments of doors due to timber shrinking and moving. My wife and I rented a smaller cabin with room for 6 people where we lived with the workers from Eco Laft, because we coordinated all the contracts and performed some work on the cabin ourselves. At first this was unusual for Latvia workers, but it went well and we got a friendly tone between us. We can warmly recommend Eco Laft.

/ Jan from Eggedal ( Norway)


When we were going to build our holiday home in Storhogna, we looked early on for traditional log houses to be able to get a lovely mountain feeling with logs for interior walls and verdant turf roofs in the summer. Ecolaft is a well-known house builder in Norway, and when we contacted a couple of friends who had just built a log house from Ecolaft in the Norwegian mountains, it became increasingly clear that it was a log house we wanted, and that Ecolaft was a potential supplier. We contacted Ecolaft and were impressed by their willingness to meet our various desires in the budget process. It was also the first time we built a house and we have learned afterwards that it has been absolutely necessary for us to have a house supplier who is both able and willing to help through the tricky construction process. Ecolaft has been flexible and helpful and they have had a drive that the end result should be as good as it can be. If you are going to build a log house in Sweden, we can really recommend Ecolaft.

Robert Karlsson (Vemdalen, Sweden)