About us

     EcoLaft is a Latvian wooden house production company uniting true enthusiasts of wooden houses and craftsmen to build real wooden houses for their customers.
     We are a small company, therefore each customer is special to us. It allows us to maintain a high standard of quality and service without chasing after a larger number of customers.

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We offer various types of wooden house designs:

  • Norwegian style solid wood log houses (Laft).
  • Norwegian style solid wood post and beam houses (Stavlaft).
  • Wooden frame houses.
  • Various mixed wooden structures using wood, glass, stone.
  • Restoration and renovation of wooden buildings.
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We are present throughout all processes of house construction:




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     We have been working in Latvia, Norway and Sweden for over 14 years.
We deal with various types and structures of log and post and beam houses.

        Latvia historically has a rich culture of wooden house construction. It is possible to achieve brilliant results for a fair price only by combining the skills of Latvian craftsmen and excellent wood.

        You are welcome if you have any questions, and we will find the most suitable solution for the most adequate price for you!