Log cabins are made from pine or fir wood. Only dried wood is used, which greatly reduces the formation of cracks during the use of the house.

Log houses have natural ventilation and moisture exchange, thus ensuring a beneficial microclimate inside.

EcoLaft offers modern technical solutions for log cabins in order for them to bring joy for several generations!

The basis of a solid wood post and beam house is a log construction.

Solid wood structures in combination with large glass windows create a unique design. Using modern heat insulation materials allows to achieve energy efficiency results in line with today’s requirements.

A modern solid wood cabin can be used as a holiday house or permanent residence.

Wooden frame buildings are the leading method of residential building construction all around the world, and especially  
Northern Europe.

The wooden frame houses created by EcoLaft have a special design, which allows them to be used as holiday houses by the water, cabins in the mountains, or modern cottages in the city.

Energy efficiency, functionality, and modern design – this is EcoLaft’s approach to building wooden frame houses.